Responsible Gambling Tips:

Hypalinx has been gambling for real money most of his life. It all started with a bit of harmless fun on 2p pushers. To cut a long story short, as time went on things progressed as he experimented with different products of gambling.

This page has been created purely as a guide for existing and potentially new players to online gambling. Hypalinx has been gambling online for many years and has seen the dark side particularly during the period of 2010-2012 when he had zero deposit limits on his accounts. This was mostly due to the unawareness of limits at the time but more importantly, lack of regulation, times have changed ... it's now compulsory for online sites to offer a limit system and other responsible gambling controls to be granted a UK licence.

Deposit Limits:

Straight away we will start off with deposit limits. I cannot stress this enough, as soon as you've signed up to a new casino, set a deposit limit!

The limits you set which can be daily, weekly or monthly should be amounts you can afford to lose. Setting these limits will completely block any deposits you try to make once they are reached. This avoids any unwanted spur of the moment losses and stops any tilt if you're likely to chase a loss.

Deposit limits will not work for everyone but they have helped Hypalinx keep in control big time. Without limits he used to lose the lot, there was nothing stopping deposits equating or exceeding all his available money. By following this golden rule of setting a limit when you join a new casino site, it stops losses which could potentially damage your well being.

To change a limit it takes at least 24 hours or sometimes 7 days depending on the website. You will then need to confirm the change, this should give you enough time to think about your decision and how it could possibly affect your future finances.

Think carefully about changing a limit and most important of all, NEVER REMOVE IT!

On a final point about taking advantage of the limits system is that it may stop you giving back big wins straight away. For example, if you have a deposit limit of £100 per month and manage to cash out £1,000 on a lucky session. Just look how long it's going to take for that casino to get the winning back and that's also assuming your unlucky on every future session. Without a limit there is nothing stopping you from re depositing those winnings once they are paid. Take advantage, set a limit!

Taking Time Outs & Never Reversing:

NEVER REVERSE a pending withdrawal.

Hypalinx used to battle with this one a lot in the past but has now performed a habit of never reversing.

Reversing a pending withdrawal or cash out is one of the worst things you can do. It's called the curse of the reverse for a reason, 9 times out of 10 you will lose and give all of your winnings back.

Even if you do get lucky and win more after reversing it could encourage the habit again in the future with a much bigger amount. Also take note, casinos can see if you like to reverse and will often hold out a little longer in future until they process your winnings.

Try to remember, NEVER REVERSE, curse of the reverse.

A little trick:

If you're worried that you may be tempted to reverse. Simply set a time out or lock your account for a week (or longer). Panic over, your account is now locked and your winnings will be processed during this period.

Time Outs & Self Exclusion:

Time outs are also handy if you simply wish to take a break. All the casinos recommended on make it easy for you to set limits, take time outs and as a last resort if you're trying to quit entirely, self exclude.

Thanks for taking the time to read this page. Hypalinx will possibly expand and review this section as time goes on.

Set your limits, never reverse and take time outs if you need to.

Stick to reputable sites, all the sites featured on have been tried and tested for a long period of time with short reverse times and easy to use responsible gambling controls.

Gambling can be fun and you may just go on a lucky streak or two. But also remember gambling can be highly addictive so you must stick to your limits. If you feel your gambling is getting out of control then please seek help. Also remember you are playing games of chance with a house edge. You may be lucky and hit plenty of wins but you may also be unlucky and go on some serious dead runs!

As similarly quoted on a famous movie "The more you play, the more you lose, in the end ... they get it all".

If you're going to gamble, try and make the best of it.

Best of luck!

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